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Indeed feminine males might easily be feminine enough, and masculine females masculine enough, to count socially and to identify as women and men, respectively, even though they possess XY and XX bodies. Given that our culture has no language or roles that could help these men and women, they find it hard to make sense of their fate.

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Hormones exit their cell of origin via exocytosis or another means of membrane transport. Dendritic cell subtypes and in vitro generation of dendritic cells. We do not understand completely how estrogen, derived from testosterone, influences birdsong, but in most cases, hormones can be considered to affect behavior by influencing one, two, or all three of these components, and this three-part framework can aid in the design of hypotheses and experiments to explore these issues. Although castration of adult male birds reduces singing, it does not reduce the size of the brain nuclei controlling song production.

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How might hormones affect behavior? Rather, any given hormone can directly influence only cells that have specific hormone receptors for that particular hormone.

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We are all girls before the TDF swings into action, according to this story. Am J Trop Med Hyg ; 76 6: Signs of Imbalanced Estrogen:

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Natural killer cells express estrogen receptor-alpha and estrogen receptor-beta and can respond to estrogen via a non-estrogen receptor-alpha-mediated pathway. What is clear is that any simple explanation of gender identity is bound to be wrong. Sex hormones have been found to affect these activation states and effector functions in macrophages and their effects are reviewed below. The appeal of toys that girls or female vervet monkeys prefer appears to be based on color.

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