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They look chic and cute, but you can always turn them into something edgier to suit your personal fashion style. The term "tights" has been used to try to ridicule certain traditional British uniform. Seamless stockings are knitted on circular machines, brought out in the midth century.

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Back panel gusset Fabric panel sewn into the body section of tights to increase their size and improve fit and comfort. Wearers will experience the exceptional comfort of Lycra 3D hosiery and the clear, even colour coverage of the legwear. For example, if you've secured basic sheer pantyhose in black and nude, you can build your collection with a pair of lace hosiery or sheer tights with black polkadots or vertical stripes.

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Modern hosiery is usually tight-fitting by virtue of stretchy fabrics and meshes. Ultra sheer hosiery looks great and is perfect for warmer weather, but you may need to take care as the fibres will be quite delicate. Health and beauty use[ edit ] Because the fabric used in tights is made of interwoven fabric such as nylon or cotton, there are pores in the fabric where modern manufacturers have been able to place other items which benefit the skin.

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