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Persons with a disability that prevents them from drawing a bow or crossbow may hunt with an arrowgun during the special archery season provided they have in possession an authorization form provided by the Department that has been completed by their physician. Antlerless deer does, button bucks, and shedantlered bucks may be tagged with an antlerless-only deer tag or an either-sex deer tag. If adult males are found with larger groups of goats, look for them on the edge of the group. Antlered deer must have at least four antler points, one inch or longer, on one side of the antlers to be legally harvested.

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Billies often will have a yellow stained patch of hair on their hindquarters. It seems now employers are asking women if you are pregnant without actually using those words. In addition to the spear , hunting weapons developed during the Upper Paleolithic include the atlatl a spear-thrower; before 30, years ago and the bow 18, years ago.

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