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A log of prints also is being kept and is subject to inspection. The news shocked the Cornell University campus, where some of the tenants were students.

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Trooper Chris Ellis, public information officer for the Alabama State Troopers Office, said Friday afternoon the department was still investigating and was not ready to release an official statement concerning the situation. A wall-mounted camera used to videotape the men's bathroom of a mid-island bar has invaded the privacy of bar patrons, according to a lawsuit filed in the Beaufort County Courthouse last week.

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In his years on the force, Ross never displayed any behavior that would suggest he could be arrested on such charges, Bogan said. We were on top floor nearest tall building is 2 blocks away and I have trees," says Rosner. The suit, filed by the parents of 17 students, charges school board members, school administrators and EduTech with violating the civil rights of middle school students and engaging in reckless, negligent behavior.

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