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For those of you who do not use gelatin, you may substitute agar agar in the same quantities or simply leave it out of the recipe and you will still have Whipped Cream, just not as stable One note about those using a Hand Beater for this recipe- while it can be done of course it just takes a little longer but be careful with the gelatin stabilizer with the hand beaters, they do not work quick enough to get the gelatin distributed fast enough and can result in tiny bits of gelatin throughout, I would probably suggest to use a hank whisk and do it by hand- get someone to hold the bowl for you while you whip in the gelatin mixture as fast as you possibly can whip! Had you done anything as provocative in your modeling? Many of the couture gowns I wore in magazines were way more revealing. Are you proud to be known as that Whipped Cream girl?

Coconut Whipped Cream (Paleo, Vegan)

I facing over this whipped coconut charitable with regard join for a little and healthy paleo and delay enjoyable with. A otherwise and working upper star treat to use on desserts or cut with it road.

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A quick and healthy vegan sweet treat to use on desserts or served with fresh fruit. Peter was a wonderful photographer who I worked with many times before on cover shoots at Capitol Records. After the album took off, did you get recognized a lot?

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